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We exist to empower women through
coaching and connection

We believe:
  • You are the expert in your own life

  • Coaching empowers you to understand and trust yourself

  • Trusting yourself is the root to confidence and self-belief

  • In you creating the life you want

  • We rise by lifting others. Empowered women, empower women

  • In the power of connecting with a supportive group of women

  • Gender equality benefits us all


Building confidence programme

Our signature group coaching programme enables you to build confidence at work and in life.


Confidence means different things to different people, and will ebb and flow at different times of our lives.


This programme will give you the tools to build your confidence in the times you need it most.

Individual coaching

If you would prefer to explore the confidence-building programme content in an individual setting, we can offer you a package of individual 1-2-1 coaching sessions which would cover this. 


We offer a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space where you can explore your path ahead. Change isn’t easy but it’s often in moments of challenge we grow the most.

Community of practice

If you attend any of our confidence-building programmes, either individual or group, we welcome you to join our free community of practice where you will have access to 1 free group session every quarter to help and support you to continue with your journey of building confidence.

A bit about us

Hi, we're Nicola & Gemma

We first met when we were training as coaches and have stayed in touch ever since. We both love working with groups of women and coaching them to build their confidence. Our signature programme is now in its third year and we couldn't be more proud. We believe that women empowering women is a special things and we love witnessing the connections made through our group coaching sessions.

“The She Rises course exceeded my expectations in the impact it would have. I feel so empowered in my ability and inspired by my fellow She Risers. Sharing my stories, relating to others, challenging my thinking has reshaped my thinking around my self confidence. I am excited to apply the toolkit I now have and stay mindful in my everyday life.”

Participant, 2022

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