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Explore your imposter voice

A lunchtime webinar to learn about imposter syndrome and practical tips to overcome it

Upcoming dates:

>> 19th April 2023, 12.45pm-2pm (BST)

on Zoom

Does your imposter voice hold you back in those moments you want to speak up? Does your self-doubt stop you trying new things? Do you want to move forward with confidence?

It is reported that over 70% of people will experience imposter-like thoughts and feelings at some point.


The good news is that with commitment and a few tools, you can harness that narrative for the positive.


Come along to this webinar where we invite you to reflect on your imposter voice, build awareness of when your imposter voice is triggered and hear practical tips about how to overcome imposter syndrome.

This is a reflective webinar so you won't be asked to share in the session.

Previous participants said about our signature confidence programme:

"I found this course immensely useful. Loads of practical tools and techniques to grow my confidence, great facilitation, a brilliant group of like minded individuals to share the experience with and also a good dose of new awareness around what can hold me back."​

"The sessions have been so enlightening for me personally, giving me tools to stop the negative self talk and understand that confidence is something I deserve, own myself and is a positive attribute to have."

Laura, 2022

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