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Individual coaching

You are the expert in your life, the only one who is ever going to live it. The value of coaching lies in how it empowers us to process and reflect on our thoughts, feelings and behaviours, enabling us to learn more about ourselves in order to look forward and create purposeful change.

We offer a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space where you can explore your path ahead. Change isn’t easy but it’s often in moments of challenge we grow the most.

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Questions we can help you explore...

  • How can I find my empowering inner voice?

  • How do my beliefs, or labels I've been given from others, hold me back?

  • How can I reframe these beliefs to free me to move forward?

  • How is my internal voice helping or hindering me?

  • How can my values help me make confident decision?


To cover the full programme content, we offer a package of 5 x 1 hour focused coaching sessions which guides you through the confidence-building content.

Investment: £450 

If you attend any of our confidence-building programmes, either individual or group, we welcome you to join our free community of practice where you will have access to 1 free group session every quarter to help and support you to continue with your journey of building confidence.

Connection with a coach is key. Find out more about Gemma or Nicola on our 'About us' page. To request a chat so we can put together a bespoke, cost effective proposal for you, please email

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Discover group coaching

Group coaching is a supportive and cost-effective way to invest in your personal development. The power of the group, in women coming together to empower each other is very special. We receive very positive feedback time after time on how the group format has helped individuals grow and learn.

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